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Day One: Easy Christmas card

I am continually moved by our Remembrance Day ceremonies here in Canada particularly as our WWII veterans age and pass on.  They were the ones that liberated my grandparents in the Netherlands and, for that, I will always be grateful.  They sacrificed their youth so that other youth could be free and that has had an enormous "trickle down" effect.  So, I'll send a huge "THANK YOU" out into cyberspace to those who have served and continue to serve our great country.

Now that Remembrance Day has past here in Canada, I feel more at liberty to post Christmas cards.  I've been working on Christmas cards for a number of weeks now but it always feels a little "wrong" to post them before we've taken the time to remember the huge sacrifices made for the freedom we now enjoy. 

Freedom to celebrate Christmas, for one! 

Freedom to have and spend money on the "extras"..... supplies for this card:

Super simple Christmas card

This is the Christmas card my parents will send out this year.  They are SO simple to make!  I've spent about 15 minutes each day for the past two days cutting and stamping for 25 cards and I'm almost ready to assemble....that's 30 minutes for 25 cards!!!  I'll probably only need another 20 and I'll be done! 


Simple is key!
Use Fast Fuse or Sticky Strip adhesive to adhere the Cherry Cobbler 1" Sheer Linen Ribbon

This is the first in a "Twelve Days of Christmas Cards" thread.  Tune in tomorrow for the next installment!

Happy Stampin'!


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Day 10: That's shiny ;)

So, I got side-tracked off my Twelve Days of Christmas Cards postings.   I got distracted on Friday by taking one kid to the doctor because of an endless cough and a little bout of stomach flu.  No worries, I'd have the weekend to catch up, right?

I was SO excited to have a weekend with "nothing" going on.  No parties, no places to go, no big errands to run.  I had a breakfast date with my son and then my lovely father-in-law arrived.  He not only brought us winter tires and put them on the car (THANK YOU, THANK YOU!), he took the kids away for a few hours!


That's shiny!

Okay, so put aside stamping for a bit...let's go Christmas shopping for the kids and out for lunch.  It was great, we went to our favourite Indian place, then across the street to our favourite toy store and topped it off with a yummy holiday drink before heading home.

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Here it first Christmas card of the year!  I'm really liking Stampin' Up's new Winter Frost Speciality DSP.  I figure that I can use some of it for Christmas cards and whatever is left will be great for winter birthday, thank you and other cards.  Gotta love versatility!

I used the  CAS -Colours and Sketches Challenge #42 sketch for this card.  I really like the simplicity of the clean lines in this sketch. 

Here's what I did with it:

Love, LOVE, LOVE, Island Indigo and Pool Party together!  I'm so happy that Stampin' Up kept those two colours and used them in this DSP.  So great! I used one of my favourite, easy techniques -- "thumping" -- to create the look on the ornament.  The "Ornament Keepsakes" stamp set is still available by the way.  Here is a close up of the ornament:
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Thanks Grandma!

So here I am again apologizing for my absence from the blogging world.   And yet again I'll say something about "trying to do better"....especially for those of you, my faithful friends, who have expressed that you miss stamping with me and seeing what I'm up to.   I will do my best.

I have been absent because, honestly, I haven't been stamping!   The winter and spring were crazy husband, who is head of Music at his school, was helping to run a kids were busy....I was busy....

Excuses.  I know!

In any case, after months away from stamping I started again this week.  A lot of the stuff I've made, I've already passed along to others before taking a picture.  But I captured today's card before it gets put in the mail.

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